• Probiotics, prebiotics, and antibiotics: Front Shop Module 1, 2023

    We know that many people use probiotics and prebiotics and that they are prescribed at
    times by doctors, but what do we know about these products? What do they do? How do
    they work and when should they be used? This module helps answer these important
    The human gastrointestinal tract or ‘gut’ contains a complex ecosystem of bacteria and other
    micro-organisms, most of which are non-pathogenic (i.e. do not cause disease) and help to
    protect against disease and maintain health.
    It has long been known that the micro-organisms in the human gut play an important role in
    digestive health. However, more recent research indicates that our gut bacteria may relate to
    wider aspects of health, including immunity and disease prevention.
    This module discusses gut health and the role of gut bacteria, probiotics, and prebiotics. The
    module also looks at antibiotics and the adverse effects of antibiotics on our gut bacteria.
    The front shop staff in the pharmacy are well-placed to engage pharmacy customers on the
    role of the gut flora in maintaining health and the use of probiotic and prebiotic products.

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