• Common Ear Problems: Front Shop Module 5, 2022

    The front shop staff in the pharmacy can play a valuable supportive role in the
    management of common ear disorders.
    Common ear problems include blockages caused by earwax and infections of the
    outer and middle ear. Infections are the most common ear problems seen in infants
    and children, while blockages caused by accumulated earwax are more likely to
    happen in older people. While minor ear problems such as accumulated earwax and
    swimmer’s ear can be effectively treated in the pharmacy using simple over-the-
    counter medicines, the front shop member of staff needs to be on the alert for signs
    and symptoms that suggest a more serious ear problem that needs to be referred to
    the doctor.
    This module discusses common ear problems seen in the pharmacy and provides
    guidance on the appropriate treatment of minor ear problems, as well as the
    recommended pointers for referral to the pharmacist or doctor.

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