• Recent advances in cancer therapies, with a focus on targeted treatments: Pharmacists Module 4, 2021

    Due to the lack of early symptoms and a hesitation to seek medical investigation, many cancers are discovered late, when the disease is at a relatively advanced stage. Survival rate is strongly correlated with the stage at which the disease is diagnosed. Early detection of the disease is a most important strategy for long-term survival of cancer patients.

    Recent advances in molecular biology have enabled the identification of cancer biomarkers as well as the development of treatments that are able to target specific cancer cells. These developments are pioneering the way for personalised medicine or ‘precision medicine’ in cancer therapy. Precision medicine is an approach to medical care in which diagnosis and treatment are tailored to the gene and protein changes in the cells of the individual cancer patient. Precision medicine means using biomarkers and other tests to select treatments that are most likely to help the patient, while at the same time sparing the patient from treatments that are not likely to help. This module will enable you to revise the basics about cancer and provides information about the incidence of cancer.It will acquaint you with the various treatment options in oncology and will enable you to become familiar with the various targeted therapies that are available.

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