• Common Eye Problems: Pharmacists Module 1, 2020

    Vision is our dominant sense. Some 70% of all the sensory receptors in the body are in the eyes. Common eye problems may range from tired, red eyes through to deteriorating vision. Patients often visit community pharmacies with eye complaints, and pharmacists are well-placed to advise them. This Module identifies the more common eye problems that may present in the community pharmacy setting and their management.

    After completing this module, you will:

    • Have a basic understanding of the anatomy of the eye and the physiology of vision.
    • Be able to advise customers on everyday eye care to maintain eye health.
    • Be able to advise on the appropriate use and care of contact lenses.
    • Be able to recognise the patient presenting with an acute red eye that can be managed with OTC medicines and the patient that requires referral to the doctor.
    • Be familiar with the causes, symptoms and treatment of common eye problems including conjunctivitis and dry eye.
    • Be able to advise patients on the correct use of eye drops and eye ointments.
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