• Common Eye Problems: Front Shop Module 1, 2020

    Patients often visit the community pharmacy with eye complaints. The pharmacy staff are well-placed to inform customers about maintaining healthy eyes as well as about managing common eye problems. This module discusses the presentation, the signs and symptoms and the treatment of common eye conditions, such as conjunctivitis and blepharitis.

    This module will enable you to:

    • Have a basic knowledge of the structures of the eye.
    • Know the steps that can be taken to help ensure that the eyes remain healthy.
    • Appropriately refer patients presenting in the pharmacy with a red eye to the pharmacist or doctor.
    • Learn about the three main causes of conjunctivitis and the management of these common eye disorders.
    • Know which are suitable products for patients complaining of mild dry eye disease.
    • Learn about two common eyelid problems and their management.
    • Show patients how to use eyedrops and eye ointments.
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