• Sports supplements in the Pharmacy: Front Shop Module 4, 2023

    The use of sports supplements has become popular amongst both recreational and elite athletes.  An athlete is a person taking part in any type of sport or other form of physical exercise. The term athlete is used broadly and does not refer to runners alone.

    Athletes generally have higher energy and protein requirements than the general population but have similar vitamin and mineral needs. An athlete’s carbohydrate, protein and fluid requirements depend on the type of exercise they do.

    Products claiming to improve exercise performance line the shelves in most modern pharmacies. When used appropriately, supplements can be beneficial for health and sports performance.  Understanding the function of each ingredient and its potential role in supporting sports performance is crucial.

    This module will enable you as the Front Shop Staff member to:

    • Recognise and understand the importance of nutrition for exercise performance.
    • Understand the role and use of carbohydrates, protein, and fats in sports nutrition.
    • Have a basic understanding of the role of key vitamins and minerals for health and exercise.
    • Recognise the role of fluids and electrolytes in sport.
    • Understand the function of ergogenic (performance-enhancing) aids in sport.
    • Be able to give general recommendations on supplements/ products based on individual requirements of the sportsperson/person engaging in physical exercise.
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