• Minor Wounds and Burns: Front Shop Module 3, 2019

    The Pharmacy Front Shop Member of staff is often the first person that the patient or their Caregiver seeks assistance from when they come into the pharmacy with a minor burn or wound injury. It is therefore valuable for you to have an understanding of how the skin functions, how wounds heal, and how minor burns and wounds should be managed. This knowledge will enable you to offer guidance on the selection of appropriate dressings for a particular situation.

    There is a wide range of wound dressings available on the market today that have been specifically designed to meet the needs of different types of wounds.

    This Module explains how the skin functions, how wounds heal, how minor wounds and burns can be managed, and how to select the most appropriate dressing for a particular patient. Importantly, the Module also provides guidance on when to refer a patient to the Pharmacist, a Doctor or a Wound Care Specialist.

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