• Understanding COVID-19: Front Shop Module 2, 2021

    The understanding of the virus and of COVID-19 is continually evolving. While researchers and healthcare professionals have been investigating ways to prevent and manage COVID-19, there have also been many myths and much misinformation about COVID-19 circulating on various media platforms, locally and internationally.

    The Front Shop member of staff in the pharmacy is often the first contact person when customers are seeking health information or medication from the pharmacy. For this reason, it is valuable to empower all healthcare workers, including the staff in the community pharmacy, to play their role in this global pandemic. Pharmacy customers may need to know about the symptoms of COVID-19, what to do if they are exposed to the virus and how COVID-19 can be prevented in the community. The Front Shop member of staff can be a source of reliable information and is in an ideal position to recommend ways that pharmacy customers can reduce their risk of getting sick with COVID-19. This Module on COVID-19 discusses COVID-19, the symptoms, when to test, prevention strategies and when customers should see a doctor or go to the hospital.

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