• Female Contraception: Front Shop Module 3, 2021

    Effective contraception is the only way of preventing an unplanned pregnancy if a couple is planning on having sex (intercourse).

    This module will enable the Front Shop Pharmacy Assistant to learn about the

    female reproductive system, menstrual cycle and when in the cycle ovulation and fertilisation are likely to occur and be able to dispel myths about sex and contraception. It covers the types of oral contraceptive pills as well as the other (non-oral) contraceptive methods for females and how they are used. The importance of using contraceptive methods correctly and regularly is discussed as well as how the emergency contraceptive works.

    It is the responsibility of healthcare professionals to ensure that couples have access to effective contraception and reliable contraceptive advice, so that unplanned pregnancies, as well as sexually transmitted infections (STIs), can be reduced or avoided.  The pharmacy front shop assistant is well-placed to discuss the need for contraception as well as the contraceptive options that are available. This module will focus on all the methods available to women, with the focus on hormonal contraceptives.

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