• Wound Care – an update for the Pharmacist: Pharmacists Module 3, 2019

    The range of wound dressing products on the market is so wide that it may be confusing to both the Healthcare worker and the patient as to which product to use.

    No single product is suitable for every type of wound and therefore it is important to be able to take certain factors into consideration when selecting a dressing for a wound. For example, when deciding on which dressing to use, it is necessary to assess the wound and the stage of healing. As the wound heals, the type of dressing needed can also be expected to change.

    The Pharmacist is ideally placed to assist patients and/or their caregivers when they come into the pharmacy seeking advice about a minor burn or wound. In order for a Pharmacist to be able to advise patients on wound care and the correct use of the various wound dressings, it is necessary to have a basic knowledge of the functions and anatomy of the skin and how a wound heals.

    This Module discusses skin function, basic wound healing and the management of minor wounds and burns. It provides guidance on the role of the Pharmacist in treating minor wounds and burns and when to refer a patient to a Doctor (or Wound Specialist) to ensure the appropriate management of more severe types of wounds.

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