• Updated SA Lipid Guidelines: Pharmacists Module 2, 2019

    Although hyperlipidaemia does not cause symptoms, it can significantly increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, including disease of blood vessels supplying the heart, the brain and limbs. Because of these risks, treatment is often recommended for people with hyperlipidaemia.

    This Module updates you on the management of dyslipidaemias based on the recent publication of the updated South African Guideline Consensus Statement.

    We discuss screening for and assessing cardiovascular risk by means of the Framingham Risk Charts which have been updated. This Module also indicates the latest targets for treatment (ideal lipid levels) and discusses the various doses of medication required to achieve these target lipid levels.

    The pharmacist has an extremely important frontline role to play in screening patients for high cholesterol levels. By referring them to their doctor for treatment, and advising them on lifestyle modifications you will be helping patients to control their cholesterol levels and prevent the development of cardiovascular disease.

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