• Common Infant Ailments: Front Shop Module 2, 2019

    Infant ailments understandably create much parental concern and anxiety. It is difficult enough for new parents to cope with a crying or fussy infant, let alone an infant who is not well.  Front Shop staff members in the pharmacy, especially if they have children of their own, can offer a valuable service to new parents by  recommending suitable approaches to managing infant ailments and referring parents with an ill infant to the pharmacist or doctor when symptoms suggest warning signs of a more serious problem.

    Most common infant ailments, however, are not serious and include colic, fever, colds and teething. Infants also commonly have skin problems like nappy rash, cradle cap, heat rash or have feeding problems like reflux. Many of these ailments can be managed at the community pharmacy level. However, it is important to err on the side of caution when dealing with infant ailments and to trust the parent’s instincts. If the parent is particularly concerned, it is best to refer the infant to a healthcare provider.

    This module discusses some of the common infant ailments that the Front Shop staff member is likely to encounter in the pharmacy and outlines their signs and symptoms, approaches to their management and guidelines as to when to refer the infant to a healthcare provider for further evaluation.

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